Thursday, December 23, 2010

UnderCovers: Ep. 10- Funny Money is Online!

Episode 10 of UnderCovers is up on Hulu. In this one, a big truck blows up in one of our nastier stunts of the season, Lizzy has to make a big decision, the Blooms, Hoyt and Steven’s brother Gary (played by Harry Lennix) go to a casino in Croatia to recover something that will ultimately save the day/world.

UnderCovers Ep. 10- Funny Money. Written by Tracy Bellomo, Directed by Jonas Pate

Here are some quick Hoyt clips from the episode.

Dina! (Done in a one shot)

We are Very Good Friends

Next week, December 29th, is probably the last episode of UnderCovers that will air on television. The good news is, it’s also my favorite episode of the series. Written by Phil Klemmer, Directed by Tucker Gates, it’s called The Key to it All. Wednesday, 8PM, NBC. If you’ve made it this far, you might as well watch the last episode.