Thursday, December 30, 2010

UnderCovers Ep. 11- The Key to it All is Online!

Episode 11 of UnderCovers is up on Hulu. This is my favorite episode of the series. So many cool things happen- we finally meet Kelvin (Alan Dale from Lost), have to deal with a hostage situation in Tel Aviv, find out about secret missions and learn that the CIA may be using the Blooms for some bigger mission they don’t know about.

UnderCovers Ep. 11- The Key to it All. Written by Phil Klemmer, Directed by Tucker Gates

Here are some quick Hoyt scenes from the episode. Might be the last time I can do this, so I’ll embed a few more clips than usual.

Break it Down for Me, Hoyt

Buff, Curly Hair, Smells like Hummus

Machine Gun Vs. Hand Gun

Give Me Your Keys!

Even though we filmed two more episodes, it looks like The Key to it All will be the last one that airs on television. Fingers crossed that they release a DVD with the two additional episodes and some fun deleted scenes/bloopers.

Because it’s the end of the series, if you have any questions/comments, you can post them on my facebook wall by clicking here- BEN SCHWARTZ FACEBOOK PAGE¬†and I’ll try my best to answer them. Thank you again to everyone who watched the series, we had so much fun making it and are so thankful that all you tuned in.